ARM Development Tools


Having the right staff is only part of the picture. If they are faced with unreliable and limiting tools they cannot be fully productive. Problems which should be relatively straightforward loom large. Fixing design mistakes becomes a guessing game since an analytical approach is not possible. Staff may become disillusioned.

There is also the cost issue. While spending a few days salary on development tools for an engineer might seem like a great deal, or even the only choice, it is likely to be an expensive decision during the project. After all, development tools are purchased once, but you are paying for an engineer's time month after month. Therefore, it makes sense to invest a reasonable amount in making sure the engineers are productive

DesignA Electronics offers a range of tools for ARM / Thumb, aimed at various aspects of software development and hardware bring-up. This includes C/C++ compilers, IDEs, debuggers, ICE and Trace units, and development boards.

Our primary product is the ARM RealView range, which sits at the top of the tools 'food chain'. We believe RealView tools offer an unrivalled mix of features at a competitive price. This includes full support for ARM 32-bit and Thumb/Thumb-2 16-bit instruction sets and the full range of ARM cores.

Where the cost and/or full feature list of ARM RealView tools is not appropriate, we also offer microcontroller tools from Keil. With Keil you will find that you can create a productive environment for a smaller cost.