Our range of ARM-based electronic products has been developed to help engineers throughout the entire process, from conception to completion. Using the Snapper Modules, our clients have been given an out-of-the-box solution that dramatically reduces development time and costs. This helps to push products out into the market at an accelerated pace.

Our proven designs mean you can be confident your product will operate at the desired level 

Since 2005 we have worked with customers to deliver the benefits of ARM microprocessor technology. Using our own ‘Snapper’ range of single board computer modules, combined with an in-depth knowledge of evolving technologies such as ARM microprocessors, wireless communications, GPS and solid-state storage, enables our leading hardware, FPGA and software engineers to quickly prototype and develop modern electronic products. Through our New Zealand and Australian based engineering and manufacturing partners we design and manufacture high quality, niche, low to medium volume products.


Digital Data Storage Solutions

The DDS is a modern, solid-state data storage unit designed specifically to replace expensive tape drive units (DDS-XM200), magneto optical and hard drive units (DAMOX) that are end of life.

DAMOX is the world's first dedicated Magneto Optical / Hard Drive emulator specifically designed for the telecommunications industry. The recent development of this unit represents DA’s commitment to delivering high reliability, high quality products that meet the needs of telecom operators globally.

Commonly used within legacy telephony switching systems and other enterprise systems, these out of date storage solutions are no longer able to reliably capture and store data that is critical to the operation of a business.

By offering unrivalled ease of use and cost effectiveness, the DDS can extend the lifespan of these systems and provide the reliability, flexibility and the benefits of modern solid state technology. Fully customisable for a wide range of legacy interfaces such as Pertec, SCSI and Kennedy, the DDS-XM200 can be configured to deliver up to 48GB storage and provides simple plug and play installation.


Snapper Single Board Computers

Incorporate Snapper into your product

Not only do the Snapper ARM-based single board computer modules save you time and money during the R&D process through to production stages, but we can then fully integrate or flatten the snapper design into one board.

Advantages of this are:

  • Increased reliability as there is no need for the interconnection between the carrier board and the Snapper module
  • Allows for some customisation of the design to specific

The Snapper family of Single Board Computer Modules are a range of compact, high-density ARM-based microprocessor boards that deliver a superior level of electronic design. They deliver high performance processing power and an impressive selection of peripherals and integrated FPGA technology. The Snapper family delivers highly cost-effective platforms for the development of embedded computing solutions, enabling an expansive scope of applications to be created.

Designed to be a readily available system core, our range of Snapper System on Modules (SOMs), can be used in conjunction with a Modular Design process to enable engineers to more rapidly develop technology based products. This allows companies to shift focus to unique application oriented features while reducing overall risk with a substantially faster time to market.


ARM Development Tools

Having the right staff is only part of the picture. If they are faced with unreliable and limiting tools they cannot be fully productive. Problems which should be relatively straightforward loom large. Fixing design mistakes becomes a guessing game since an analytical approach is not possible. Staff may become disillusioned.