DesignA have been at the forefront of magnetic tape emulation in the telecommunications market, where their solid state tape emulator, DDS XM200, has been replacing outdated mechanical drives since 2006.

The original product was developed for NEC New Zealand, who service Telecom New Zealand’s telephone exchanges, and were looking for an alternative to the failing mechanical tape drives. The original NEC branded DSU emulators were installed in 2006 and to date there have not been any in-service failures. Development of the product has continued along with a number of installations globally. DesignA’s DDS units are now installed in USA, Brazil, Chile, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malaysia, Bhutan, Thailand, Philippines, Jamaica, Japan, Hong Kong and others.

Working with global partners NEC and Ventraq as well as in-country partners, DesignA has a truly Global installation base on many exchange types, some examples of which are:

  • NEC NEAX 61E, 61M, 61K, 61BR and 61 Sigma
  • Alcatel E-10, S-12
  • Ericsson AXE-10
  • Siemens EWSD
  • AT&T Lucent 5ESS
  • Nortel DMS10, DMS100
  • Fujitsu FETEX 150
  • Tropico