Design Services

DesignA Electronics offer a design service for ARM Based embedded electronics. We are able to provide DesignA customers with a full range of professional development services and consulting. Whether you just need some assistance with a specialist area of technology or you need a full product development project DesignA and partners have got the skills and experience to save you time and money.


Services offered include:

  • Test system development and compliance —Test systems are at the heart of ensuring delivery of a high quality product and maximising manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Product Development — Hardware design, prototyping and production preparation, platform and applications software, integration, testing and production management.
  • PCB Design — layout and schematics for advanced multi-layer PCBs.
    • Incorporation of Snapper Single Board Computer Modules in one board
  • Software and Application Development — Specification, design and development of user software for an ARM or other embedded platform, including testing, documentation and user interface
  • OS-Porting — Porting of an Operating System to an ARM platform, including kernel, drivers and GUI
  • FPGA Design — Coding of FPGA logic for ARM systems, including AMBA peripherals, acceleration engines and interface hardware
  • Algorithm Coding — Coding of DSP, video, audio, 2D graphics and image processing algorithms in an efficient manner on various ARM architecture variants.


Manufacturing Services

Located in the “silicon valley” of New Zealand - Christchurch offers a variety of high quality local manufacturing options to DesignA Electronics. As such we offer clients not only the design service but an option to manufacture your products. High quality competitive low to medium volume production is a specialist area that our local market excels, the superior quality delivered along with excellent customer service means that we can deliver competitive in the low to medium volume market. As our partners are all local to us we can offer:

  • High quality manufacturing and supply
  • Project management of manufacturing
  • Test system development and compliance
  • Engineering support
  • Utilisation of global logistics to ensure timely deliveries