DesignA Electronics Ltd and NEC NZ Ltd

DesignA Electronics Ltd and NEC NZ Ltd provide network access to CDR data for mediation solution.

DesignA Electronics Ltd DDS magnetic tape emulation units have been utilised to extract in “near” real time the Call Data Records (CDR) from the NEC NEAX61 exchanges in Jamaica. This data is then provided to a mediation server where it is then processed further and customers are billed.

In order to achieve the data acquisition, the legacy tape drive units were required to be replaced. With a device that could emulate the behaviour of the old device and also provide safe reliable storage of the data recorded which could then be accessed over the IP network via the DDS’s Ethernet port.

The tried and tested DDS range of tape emulators was utilised as they provided a simple, reliable solution to the problem in one small package. Replacing the legacy tape drive units is straightforward. The old units are simply disconnected from the -48Vdc power source and data connections. The connectors are then plugged into the DDS, unit powered up and emulation settings for the specific exchange selected. DDS units are compatible not only NEC exchanges including Sigma, but many others such as: Siemens EWSD, Ericsson AXE10, Lucent 5ESS, Fujitsu Fetex 150, Tropico and others.