DesignA Electronics Ltd and NEC NZ Ltd

DesignA Electronics Ltd and NEC NZ Ltd provide network access to CDR data for mediation solution.

DeisgnA Electronics Ltd DDS magnetic tape emulation units have been utilised to extract in “near” real time the Call Data Records (CDR) from the NEC NEAX61 exchanges in Jamaica. This data is then provided to a mediation server where it is then processed further and customers are billed.

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DesignA Electronics Ltd New Zealand and Logictel S.A. Brazil team up to enhance Sao Paulo Telecoms customer services

Telecom operators around the world face the challenge of not only operating and maintaining legacy telephone exchanges but also providing additional services to customers. DesignA Electronics Ltd offers a smart and dependable technology to assist telecom operators in this task. This was the case in Sao Paulo, Brazil were DesignA Electronics worked closely with their distribution partner Logictel S. A. to provide a leading solution to the telecom operator allowing them to boost customer service and introduce additional products over their network.

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